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Ethics Forms

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 Ethics Application 2015

Guidance Notes

Guidance notes for Application Form

Plain Language Statement 

PLS Guidance Notes

Samples of Plain Language Statements and Consent Form

Sample PLS Parent/Carer

Sample PLS Staff

Sample PLS Children

Sample PLS Children (FAQ Format)

All forms are also available via moodle.

Completed applications should be submitted in electronic format to

Points to remember when applying

  • Applicants should submit their application form for School/College review at least four weeks before they intend to commence data collection. It can take up to this length of time to review an application and provide feedback.
  • No data collection can start until ethical approval has been received.
  • Retrospective approval cannot be given.
  • Supervisors need to confirm via e-mail that they support the application. Applications will not be sent for review unless this has been received. If a student writes in an e-mail that their Supervisor has given their approval this will not be accepted as proof of support because it has not come directly from the Supervisor.