My role is Research Assistant in Literature and Theology, which involves working on the journal Literature and Theology, and helping coordinate Literature, Theology and the Arts at Glasgow.

My principal research field is feminist studies in religion / feminist theology. I gained my PhD in Literature, Theology and the Arts here at Glasgow in 2012. My thesis, now published as a book - Sex, Sin, and Our Selves (Wipf and Stock, 2014) is an 'encounter' between feminist theological thought and the literature of the contemporary writers Michèle Roberts and Sara Maitland. 

I have published several articles using material written in the preparatory stages of my thesis: ‘“Not Simple, Not Pure”: Revisioning of Mythical Wicked Women in the Stories of Sara Maitland’ in Women: A Cultural Review 22.1 (2011), "Wholly Aflame”: Erotic Asceticism in the Work of Sara Maitland’ in Theology and Sexuality 16.1 (2011), 'Sisterhood in the Wilderness: Biblical Paradigms and Feminist Identity Politics in Readings of Hagar and Sarah', in Looking Through a Glass Bible, edited by AKM Adam and Samuel Tongue (Leiden: Brill, 2014), and 'Encounters in Feminist Revisioning' in Biblical Interpretation 23. 1 (2015). 

A further article, ‘“To Make, and Make Again”: Feminism, Craft and Spirituality’ in Feminist Theology 20.2 (2012), grew out of my PhD research but went beyond the focus of the thesis. The research for this article, on how the spiritual significance of ‘craft’ has been neglected in mainstream theology and romanticised in feminist discourse, formed the starting point for my current research in craft discourse and contemporary knitting practice, in terms of religion and everyday practice, feminist spirituality, material culture and philosophical new materialism.