18th Century/Romanticism

18th Century/Romanticism

Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Studies at Glasgow comprise a large concentration of world-leading scholars.  Since 2007, we have enhanced our international reputation in this area with a series of major international conferences, symposia and workshops, such as Editing the 18th Century (2010); Before Blackwood’s (2010); the Twelfth biennial conference of the British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS, 2011); the James Hogg Conference (2012); and two British Academy-funded workshops on Thomas Pennant’s Tours of Scotland and Wales, held in Glasgow and Aberystwyth (2013). Much research in this cluster focuses on Scottish themes, and thus links with work undertaken in Scottish literature, notably through the Centre for Robert Burns Studies, and within the Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies.  AHRC-funded projects in this cluster include the Cullen Letters project, which links with the Medical Humanities Research Centre.

Knowledge exchange is an important element in the cluster’s work, through its connexions with the Abbotsford Library and the University’s own Hunterian Art Gallery.  The cluster attracts a strong cohort of PhD students, supported by the University’s world-class library holdings in eighteenth-century and Romantic material.

Centre for Robert Burns Studies
Medical Humanities Research Centre
Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies
Consultation Letters of Dr. William Cullen
Abbotsford library Research Project

Associated staff:

Alex Benchimol

Dr Alex Benchimol

Senior Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: periodical history; eco-criticism; history of radicalism

Jeffrey Robinson

Professor Jeffrey Robinson

Professor (English Literature)

Jeremy Smith

Professor Jeremy Smith

Head of School/Professor of English Philology (English Language)

Research interests: History Of The Book, Paleography And Codicology, Textual Criticism

Kirsteen McCue

Professor Kirsteen McCue

Professor of Scottish Literature and Song Culture (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: music and song

Professor Mary Gibson

Professor (English Literature)

Research interests: Poetry, Poetics, Colonial And Post-Colonial Studies

Megan Coyer

Dr Megan Coyer

Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: Literature and Medicine; Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press

Murray Pittock

Professor Murray Pittock

Pro-Vice Principal - Special Projects (Senior Vice Principal)

Research interests: Scotland, Ireland, Cultural History, Transdiciplinary, Material Culture

Nigel Leask

Professor Nigel Leask

Professor - Regius Chair of English Language and Literature (English Literature)

Research interests: India and 19th century British literature

Paddy Lyons

Mr Paddy Lyons

Senior Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: Restoration Theatre (1660-1737)

Pauline Mackay

Dr Pauline Mackay

Lecturer in Robert Burns Studies (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: Literature and Bawdry; Literature and Censorship; Publishing and Book History; Material Culture and the Commemoration of Literary Figures

Rhian Williams

Dr Rhian Williams

Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: Poetry & Poetics ; Eco-criticism ; Green Studies

Rhona Brown

Dr Rhona Brown

Lecturer (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: Scottish Periodical Press

Scott Spurlock

Dr Scott Spurlock

Lecturer in Religious Studies (Theology and Religious Studies)

Research interests: Covenanters; Ecclesiastical History; Early Modern Britain & Ireland; Oliver Cromwell; Atlantic World; Migration Studies; Social History; English Civil War; Baptist; Dissenting Culture & Education; Medieval History; Ecclesiology; National Identity;Women Religious; Recusant Studies

Dr Susan Rennie

Lecturer (English Language)

Research interests: Lexicography 'Dictionary History' 'Book History