Film & TV staff research travels

Film & TV staff research travels

Issued: Thu, 11 May 2017 10:55:00 BST

Ian Craven attended the annual Spring Gathering of the ‘9.5 Group’ in London (1 April 2017), and made a short presentation to members and visitors; the event included a display of newly acquired 1930s advertising materials for 9.5 technology, which will in due course provide sources for an academic article on advertising and amateur cinema during the interwar years, for the journal Technology and Culture.

Karen Lury presented a paper entitled "'I will lay mine hand upon my mouth' (Job 40:4): Tasting/Touching Lust, Horror and Shame in Adaptations of Cape Fear", at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies annual conference, held in Chicago, Illinois (22-26 March). Amy Holdsworth presented a paper entitled "TV Bites", at the same event, at which Rebecca Harrison also chaired a session dealing with representations of trauma.

David Archibald recently took part in the 2017 Lucknow International Children’s Film Festival, (5-13 April) at which he screened his recent short work ‘Govan Young’, produced in 2016 with support from the University Chancellor’s Fund. Further details of the film, and David’s attendance at the event can be found at the Facebook page.

Carl Lavery was involved in co-organising two days of talks and performances at two prestigious theatres in Paris on 21 and 22 March: L'Echangeur and Amandiers in Nanterre. The days looked at the contemporary meaning of détournement and are part of Carl’s AHRC/LABEX research project investigating the legacy of the Situationist International.

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