Dr Thomas Anker

  • Senior Lecturer (Management)

telephone: 01413303127
email: Thomas.Anker@glasgow.ac.uk


Thomas Boysen Anker holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Copenhagen and is currently researcher and lecturer in marketing at the University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School. His main research interest is the application of ethical and epistemological theory to practical problems in marketing. His cross-disciplinary research spans the fields of business ethics, marketing, public health and public policy. He is Associate Editor of the European Management Journal, handling papers on business ethics.

Research interests

Areas of expertise:

  • Truth in marketing
  • All areas of social marketing
  • Marketing and public health
  • Marketing and public policy
  • Consumer dominant logic and value creation


Macdonald, S., Hilton, S., Robb. K. and Anker, T. (2014) An exploration of the media representation of cancer and its impact on older adults’ understanding of cancer risk and help-seeking behaviour. CRUK: Early Diagnosis Advisory Group. Award: £45.000.

Anker, T. (2009) Communication of Philosophical Science to the General Public. The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. Award: 100,000 DKR/ £11.000).


Thomas Boysen Anker is interested in supervising PhD research in all areas of business ethics, social marketing as well as marketing and public health/policy.


Causes taught


  • Introduction to Marketing


  • International Marketing Foresight
  • Publication Strategy for PhD students


  • Strategic Foresight
  • Research Methods

Courses previously taught


  • Ethics and Business
  • Brand Management
  • Ethics and Political Philosophy


  • Social Marketing
  • Advanced Normative Theory


  • Cases and Problems in Marketing
  • Corporate Image and Branding

Additional information

In addition to his work as Associate Editor for the European Management Journal, Thomas Boysen Anker is a frequent peer reviewer and has completed assignments for the following journals, publishers and funding body:


  • Business Ethics: A European Review
  • European Journal of Marketing
  • European Journal of Public Health
  • European Management Journal
  • International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy
  • International Review of Retail Distribution and Consumer Research
  • Journal of Business Ethics
  • Journal of Social Marketing
  • Management Learning
  • Review of Social Economy
  • Risk Management


  • SAGE
  • Routledge


  • International Nonprofit and Social Marketing Conference
  • World Social Marketing Conference

Funding body

  • ESRC Economic and Social Research Council UK


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Boysen, T. (2004) Death of a compatibilistic institution. Sats: Northern European Journal of Philosophy, 5(2), pp. 92-104. (doi:10.1515/SATS.2004.92)

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