Professor Graeme Martin

  • Affiliate (Training and Employment Research Unit)

telephone: 01413306302

Research interests

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Research interests

Strategic HR and Leadership, Reputation Management, Branding and Human Resources, Information and communications technologies and Managing People, Human Capital, Leadership in Healthcare


Graeme is Professorial Research Fellow in Management and HRM.  He also teaches and currently holds/has held visiting international professorial appointments at Macquarie University in Australia, Ca Foscari University of Venice in Italy, Peking University in China and the University of Colorado in the USA.  He has published extensively in the fields of HRM, management and leadership and change management over the past two decades. These publications include six single/ co-authored/edited books on HR, corporate reputations, e-HR and social media,  and management and leadership, numerous refereed articles in international HR, management and healthcare journals, book chapters in leading HR research-based texts, and research reports for organisations including the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Scottish Enterprise, Skills for Health (the UK sector skills council), the European Union and ESRC/Scottish Government.

Following an early career in personnel and industrial relations management in the UK and overseas,  Graeme has undertaken consulting and research projects for a large number of private and public sector organizations in the UK, continental Europe and Australia in the past thirty years. He is regularly asked to address academic and practitioner audiences on HRM internationally and, over the last five years, he has worked with Standard Life in Edinburgh, Getinge, a Swedish-based multinational; Holcim, a Swiss-based multinational, the EU HR Directorate in Brussels, Adcorp, an Australian consulting company; Osney Media in London; the NHS in Scotland, the UK Public Sector People Managers Association and the CIPD. He has been a judge on national awards in HR excellence for both the CIPD and Personnel Today, was a member of advisory panel to the Scottish Government on public services reform and human capital and a non-executive director of an organization in the voluntary sector. He was also recently invited to become a member of the global faculty of the influential, New York-based Reputation Institute to deliver online seminars to senior executives from the USA, Australasia, Europe and Asia.

Graeme is current working on healthcare-related research in clinical leadership, on the role of HR in corporate governance and the role of HR directors. In addition, he is re-writing two of his earlier book on management and leadership in changing contexts, and corporate reputations, branding and HR.


2010-11 Distinguished international visiting scholar, Macquarie University, Sydney $AU10,000
2008 Employer branding and corporate reputation management in the NHS.  Research funding from NHS Scotland £85,000
2008 Staff governance and retention. Research funding from Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board £35,000
2008 Web 2.0 and HR.  Scoping research funding from the CIPD £20,000
2007 ESRC/Scottish Executive PhD Scholarship for research into human capital (awarded over four year period) Approx £60,000
2007 Scottish Executive Health Department for research into the development needs of HR directors in the NHS in Scotland £15,000
2004 Preliminary Funded work for CIPD on technology and HR £5,000
2004-2005 EU project on the future of eLearning among member states in Europe, with colleagues from Denmark and the UK €110,000
2003-2005 Funding for work into HR and Branding for EBS and the Scottish Partnership of the CIPD, (Edinburgh Business School and CIPD) £15,000
2003- 2004 Research into eLearning (Scottish Enterprise and EU funding) £9,400
2002- 2004 CIPD grant for research into HR and Branding £4500
2002- 2004 Scottish Enterprise, research into eLearning £20,000
2002 Carnegie Trust for investigation into life long learning £20,000
2000-2002 European Union funding through the Leonardo da Vinci project for investigation in Accreditation of Competences in Europe (with STOAS, Netherlands) 12,200 ECUs


Current PhD students

Min Ha Kim

Thesis title: Reputation and Leadership of Korean Companies
Co-supervisor: Dr Judy Pate

Panagiotis Sotiropolous

Thesis title: Using absorptive capacity theory to explore the diffusion of e-HR and new social media in HR in Greece
Co-supervisor: Dr Judy Pate

Saud Al Taj

Thesis title: Employer branding and corporate reputations in Pakistan
Co-supervisor: Dr Judy Pate

Ijeoma Okorie

Co-supervisor: Dr Sabina Siebert

Branko Bozic

Co-supervisor: Dr Sabina Siebert



Leading and Managing People, Strategic Human Resources, the Links Between Corporate Reputation and Human Resources, and the Impact of Technology on Human Resources

Additional information

Current research projects

  • Corporate governance and HR
  • The relationship between corporate reputations, branding and HR
  • Leadership in healthcare
  • e-HR, Web 2.0 and the future of the HR function
  • Strategic leadership role of HR directors in the NHS in Scotland
  • The impact of investment in human capital on organisational learning and innovation in the public services in Scotland
  • Governance and HR in healthcare


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