Edinburgh Finance Conference

Edinburgh Finance Conference

Issued: Fri, 10 Feb 2017 09:25:00 GMT

GUTIC attend EFC

Thirty-five members of the Glasgow University Trading & Investment Club (GUTIC) attended the fourth annual Edinburgh Finance Conference (EFC), organised by the Edinburgh University Trading & Investment Club (EUTIC), on Friday 27January 2017.

The EFC, previously known as Excellence in Finance, was founded as an additional arm of EUTIC and is Scotland’s largest student-led finance conference.  This year, in light of the achievement of financial technology and the quick rise of Fintech companies, the topic of the conference was ‘A Future of Banking?’ Alongside the future of banking, the conference also explored how the industry is facing disparate challenges from social, regulatory, and technological spheres.

The GUTIC members were privileged to hear from both sides of the debate, having four speakers discuss the growing role of technology and the emergence of Fintech. Speakers included Stephane Degroots, Head of EFTs & Derivatives ((EMEA) at FTSE; Janet Thomas, Managing Director of Infinity Capital Partners; and Les Matheson, CEO of Personal & Business Banking at the Royal Bank of Scotland.  A panel in the afternoon discussed ‘A Future for the City after Brexit’. In addition, the GUTIC members participated in a seminar, choosing between Investment Banking, Investment Management, Consulting, Risk/Leverage, Analytics and Start-ups.

The conference was highly enjoyed by GUTIC members. A large number of questions were asked during speaker events and the panel discussion. Questions ranged from the reliability of cryptocurrencies to the feasibility of flat organisational structure in large institutions. EUTIC and speakers congratulated and thanked our members for their insightful and difficult questions, commenting that it is not often they receive questions that pushes their critical thinking to the limit.

GUTIC members were also given the opportunity to network with fellow students from top universities such as Durham, Leeds, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, expanding their network to include those who share similar interests in finance as them.

The finance industry is constantly growing and with the advancement of technology, it is expanding at an exponential rate. Through the conference, GUTIC members demonstrated their interest and ability to adapt to such progress, learning that technology is the future of finance.

EUTIC was founded in 1998 and now has over 500 members. The main objective of EUTIC is to:

  • Educate students about the world of finance;
  • Give members real-life experience in trading stocks;
  • Provide opportunities to network with some of the world’s most prestigious firms;
  • Help members pursue careers in the financial services industry and other leading graduate recruiters.

For further information please contact Emma Ferrier: business-marketing@glasgow.ac.uk