Professor Keith Muir

  • SINAPSE Chair of Clinical Imaging (Stroke and Brain Imaging)

telephone: 0141 451 5874

Ground Floor, Office Block
Queen Elizabeth University Hospital
Glasgow G51 4TF

Major interests are in the treatment of acute stroke and the application of advanced brain imaging techniques to aid treatment decisions in acute stroke; thrombolysis for stroke; clinical trials and clinical trial design in acute stroke; and the inherited syndrome CADASIL (Cerebral Autosomal Dominant Arteripathy with Subcortical Infarction and Leucoencephalopathy).

Research work is predominantly undertaken in the South Glasgow Acute Stroke Service, based in the Institute of Neurological Sciences, where we have established a unit with the highest rates of IV thrombolytic treatment in the UK (and in the top 10 in Europe). Currently, we use a mixture of advanced imaging techniques including CT perfusion and CT angiography, MRI (including novel sequences being developed locally for metabolic imaging) and TCD. The specific techniques depend upon the individual research question – recent work has included the use of MR spectroscopy and DWI lesion volume evolution to investigate the therapeutic effects of insulin treatment for hyperglycaemia in acute stroke, and ongoing studies are investigating the influence of hyperglycaemia on recanalisation and reperfusion rates in acute stroke.

The stroke imaging group includes clinical neuroradiologists, physicists, and neuroscientists, and there is close collaboration between preclinical imaging in rodent models of cerebral ischaemia with the clinical studies.

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