Dr Nicola Burns

  • Research Associate (General Practice and Primary Care)

telephone: 3302549
email: Nicola.Burns@glasgow.ac.uk


Dr Nicola Burns joined General Practice and Primary Care in October 2011, as researcher on the EU RESTORE grant (www.fp7restore.eu).

She has worked across a range of subject disciplines, including geography, sociology, housing studies and disability studies. Engaging critically with the social model of disability, she has conducted a number of research projects around disabled people’s everyday lives including experiences of the housing system; access to woodlands and children’s experiences of medical technology. A consistent research interest throughout her career has been mental distress. Initially focusing on mental health service users experiences in inclusion and exclusion; more recently, she has engaged in work around professionals understanding and application of mental health law and policy in their everyday practices. At present, her research is focused on policies around migrants’ access to healthcare across the EU, with a particular focus on cross-cultural communication.

Nicola contributes to teaching at GPPC around her research interests in disability, culture, migration and health.

Research interests

  • Access to healthcare for vulnerable groups
  • Migration and health
  • Culture and health
  • Disability, impairment and mental distress
  • Mental distress – professional and service users practices
  • Disability and risk
  • Disability and migration