Dr Cathy Johnman

  • Clinical Senior Lecturer (Public Health)
  • Associate (School of Medicine)

telephone: 01413304040
email: Cathy.Johnman@glasgow.ac.uk

Research interests

Current Position

Dr Cathy Johnman is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow and an Honorary Consultant in Public Health at NHS GGC.  She is a Member of the Faculty of Public Health and a Member of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care.  Her special interests are in ageing in cardiovascular disease and sexual & reproductive health.  She contributes to teaching: undergraduate MBChB in Public Health; coordinating the Further Epidemiology and Statistics Module for the Masters in Public Health; and supervising students through their MPH thesis.

Research Interests

Her research focuses on the differences between chronological and biological ageing and its influence on coronary arterial disease. She has already begun publishing her findings from her PhD in high Impact Factor journals. Having secured funding from the Hutchinson and Patterson Bequest fund, she is undertaking 2 primary research projects in conjunction with the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.  ReQol assesses the impact of coronary revascularisation and ageing on quality of life.  Biological Ageing is a prospective cohort study measuring biomarkers of ageing in patients undergoing coronary angiography (allowing comparisons to be made between those with and without proven coronary arterial disease).  In addition to these projects, the Generation Scotland Scottish Family Health Study is being used to assess these biomarkers of ageing in a General Scottish Population. 


Dr Cathy Johnman trained in medicine at the University of Glasgow (1990-1995).  Following this she undertook clinical medical training in Glasgow and the Lake District, qualifying and working as a General Practitioner in urban and rural settings.  During general practice training she developed an interest in sexual and reproductive health care (as the only female Doctor in the practice!).  This led to Career Grade Training in sexual and reproductive health at the Sandyford Initiative in Glasgow.  Clinical exposure to the impact of the social determinants of health, on sexual and reproductive health, resulted in an interest in prevention and public health.  She began SpR training in public health at NHS Arglye and Clyde (moving to NHS GGC following the health board merger) in 2006 and became Clinical Lecturer at the University of Glasgow in 2008.  While an SpR in public health she was lead author for a national health care needs assessment for people living with HIV.  http://www.scotphn.net/pdf/ScotPHN_Report_Report_-_Web_publication_version_15012010.pdf   This was influential in guiding the development of the Healthcare Improvement Scotland HIV Service Standards; the Scottish Government’s HIV action plan; and the Scottish Government’s Sexual Health and BBV Framework.  She achieved the MPH (with distinction) and was awarded the Mackinlay Prize for best postgraduate student in public health for 2006/7.

Markers of Esteem

  • Associate editor of the journal Public Health
  • Committee member of the guideline development group for cardiovascular disease and contraception for the clinical effectiveness unit of Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Active member of the Organising Committee for the International Epidemiology Association World Congress of Epidemiology 2011
  • HIV project group membership for the development of Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s HIV Service Standards
  • Commandant-in-Chief and Trustee of St Andrew’s First Aid