Selected Research Grants (over £10k, in date order)

Selected Research Grants (over £10k, in date order)

These awards provide a current snapshot of our active research programmes. Each grant is listed by the year it was awarded, with many grants awarded in 2010/11 onwards still remaining active; or you can view a list of active grants ordered by principal investigator.

Alternatively, you can use the search function below to search the grant abstracts held in this section.

2016 funding

2016 funding


StaffTitle SourceDates Amount
Bellingham, Fowler PhD Studentship: Maternal smoking, drinking and deprivation: when and how of placental change Yorkhill Research Support Scheme 2016-2019 £59,988
Clyde River Foundation Avon Salmon Homecoming Heritage Lottery Fund 2017 £56,000
Killen Investigation of flapping winds as a means of hydroelectric power generation. Carnegie Trust 2016- £48,934
Reeve, Leinster, Cobbold, Matthews Mathematical theory and biological applications of diversity BBSRC FLIP £124,226 2016-2018
Ferguson, Kreppel Imapct of El Nino on malaria vector dynamics in Tanzania NERC 2016-2017 £8,121 (total grant: £291,097)
Lamberton SCHISTO_PERSIST: New approaches to characterise Schistosoma mansoni infections persisting despite mass drug administration European Research Council 2016-2021 €1,500,000
Matthiopoulos, Kindsvater, Mangel Informing population models with evolutionary theory to infer species’ conservation status NSF/NERC 2016- £300,000 (total grant: £830,000)
Devaney, Laing Monepantel: anthelmintic resistance and the development of tools for sustainable use Scottish Government 2016-2019 £334,834
Devaney, Mable, Matthews, Laing Babayan Co-infection and resistance. BBSRC 2016- £48,900
Mellor, Kao, Matthews, Mohr, Pepler Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks (EPIC) - Year 1 Scottish Government 2016-2017 £461,688
Weir, Britton Profiling small RNAs in equine sarcoids as novel biomarkers and potential therapeutic treatment ISSF  2016- £16,845
Capewell Characterising Polyclonal T cell Activation in Animal Trypanosomiasis. ISSF 2016-2017 £116,673
Lembo, Forde, Halliday, Allan, Aminu, Bodenham A participatory, ‘One Health’, approach to understanding and controlling bacterial zoonoses in Tanzania Knowledge Exchange Fund 2016 £21,680
Dodd, Newton, Adams Effects of natural flood management on riverine fish Centre of Expertise for Waters 2016- £24,000
Parsons, Lindstrom, Metcalfe, Killen The predictability and limits of evolution in response to increased temperature: insights from a natural ‘experiment' Natural Environment Research Council 2016-2021 £1,650,000
Ferguson, Kohl, Ortega The Ecology of Zika transmision in Colombia and Ecuador Medical Research Council 2016- £108,815
Magierecka Transgenerational effects of chronic environmental stress Fisheries Society of the British Isles 2016-2017 £21,440
Benavides, Streicker The role of vampire bats in the transmission of AMR bacteria used in humans and livestock UK-Peru CONCYTEC Fund for Science and Innovation 2016-2018 £78,000
Adams The factors affecting coastal marine migration routes in Atlantic salmon Scottish & Southern Energy 2016- £277,000
Ferguson, Matthiopoulos Improving the efficacy of malaria prevention in an insecticide resistant Africa Wellcome Trust 2016-2019 £240,593
Viana Ecology of insecticide resistant vectors: consequences for the effectiveness of malaria control strategies  Medical Research Council 2016-2019 £389,971

2015 funding


StaffTitle SourceDates Amount
Jeglinski, Nager, McGill Age-specific differentiation in foraging ecology and space use in Northern gannets assessed by stable isotope analysis NERC 2015-2016 £13,745
Babayan Dissecting variation in host responsiveness to a recombinant vaccine designed to control teladorsagiosis in sheep BBSRC 2015-2018 £295,461
Spatharis, Bonachela Building the first theoretical and experimental database for diatom short-term responses to changes in nutrient availability  MASTS  2015- £18,123 
Adams Aquaculture interactions with Sea trout in Scotland Greig (Hjaltland) Fish Farms 2015-2018 £90,000
Hampson Developing a platform for communicating impacts of infectious disease research in real-time. BBSRC Impact Accelerator Account 2015-2016 £10,000
HaydonCleavelandLembo African Science Partnership for Intervention Research Excellence Wellcome Trust 2015-2020 £5,030,000
McCafferty Water Vole Public Engagement Project Scottish Natural Heritage 2015 £25,000
Babayan Transcriptomic predictors of acquired immunity to Bovine TB in vaccinated Eurasin badgers ISSF Catalyst Fund 2015 £16,432
Britton Profiling microRNAa associated with immunity to parasitic nematode infections ISSF Catalyst Fund 2015 £14,613
Rodgers, Dickens, Myburgh Comparative transcriptomic analysis of central nervous system and bloodstream-resdent trypanosomes in a murine model of human African sleeping sickness ISSF Catalyst Fund 2015 £24,760
ElmerBainPage From egg-laying to live-bearing: Unravelling the genetics of a major evolutionary transition NERC 2015-2018 £451,913
MacLeod Is the skin the site of a human reservoir in African trypanosomiasis? Wellcome Trust 2015 £110,000
CapewellMacLeod The potential use of synthetic HDL as a therapy of African trypanosomiasis Carnegie Trust of the Universities of Scotland 2015-2016 £23,187
Hopcraft, Haydon Linking biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services in the Serengeti-Mara Region, East Africa (AfricanBioservices) European Commission (H2020) 2015-2019 £756,571
VianaCleavelandHaydonMurciaStreicker From observation to intervention: overcoming weak data with new approaches to complex biological problems Leverhulme Trust 2015-2018 £181,909
Lembo Developing platforms for One Health research in Africa SULSA Leaders 2015 £34,395
LemboReeve Improving capacity for foot-and-mouth disease surveillance and prevention in Africa through direct community engagement MSD Animal Health/Intervet 2015- £17,636
ReeveHaydon An effective vaccination programme for the eradication of foot-and-mouth disease from India BBSRC 2015- £80,000
Wakefield Fellowship: Seabirds and wind - the consequences of extreme prey taxis in a changing climate NERC 2015-2020 £673,000
Eckersall, Stear, Jonsson Acute phase protein as biomarkers of disease in livestock and aquaculture  BBSRC 2015- £200,072 
Hampson Endgame strategies for the elimination of rabies Wellcome Trust 2015- £120,000
Rodgers, Sutton Clinical and molecular investigation of CNS trypanosomiasis in working equidae: characteristics of the disease syndrome The Donkey Sanctuary 2015-2018 £120,000

MacLeod, Whitworth

Sustainable Manu: Biodiversity conservation through sustainable development and rainforest regeneration. Darwin Initiative 2015- £289,728
Killen ERC Starting Grant: The role of physiology in the causes and consequences of fisheries-induced evolution European Research Council 2015 - 2020 £1,188,700
Capewell Genetic Determinants of Trypanotolerance in Humans Tenovus-Scotland 2015 £10,405
DevaneyBrittonMatthewsMable The BUG consortium Building Upon the Genome: using H. contortus genomic resources to develop novel interventions to control endemic GI parasites BBSRC 2015 - 2019 £1,857,866

2014 funding


StaffTitle SourceDates Amount
HampsonLemboTownsend Surveillance requirements to achieve freedom from domestic dog associated rabies Pan American Health Organization 2014 £18,900 

Weir, Sutton

Equine piroplasmosis: evaluating the threat to the UK and Ireland Horse Betting Levy Board 2014 - £104,500
Hopcraft Isotopic analysis to recreate the movements of Serengeti migrants through time NERC Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry Facility 2014 £26,837
CleavelandHaydonLembo Renewed support for AfriqueOne - African Research Consortium for Ecosystem and Population Health: Expanding Frontiers in Health Wellcome Trust 2014 - 2015 £98,800 
Bailey Studentship: The importance of coastal environments for the resilience of fish populations Marine Scotland Science  2014 - £30,000

EvansBellingham, Hastie

Triptorelin DEF Ferring Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 2014 - £27,690
Bain Algal Booster Egg Quality Trial The Institute of Cellular Pharmacology Ltd. 2014 £13,500

Eckersall, McLaughlin

Farm animal proteomics European Commission 2014 - £146,000
Kao Development and testing of operational models of bovine tuberculosis in British cattle and badgers DEFRA 2014 - 2015  £329,000
Elliott, Bailey The importance of coastal environments for the resilience of gadoid fish populations Marine Scotland Science (part of Clyde 2020) 2014 £18,000
Scottish Natural Heritage 2014 £10,000
Jonsson Studentship: Rumen acidosis in dairy cattle - sources of individual variation in susceptibility Hannah Research Foundation 2014 - 2017 £75,000
Hampson Studentship: Rabies persistence and elimination from Pemba Island, Tanzania Wellcome Trust 2014 £39,800
Kao US-UK collaboration: Mycobacterial transmission dynamics in agricultural systems: integrating phylogenetics, epidemiology, ecology and economics USDA-NIFA-AFRI and BBSRC 2014 - 2018 £379,634
O'Shaughnessy The human fetal liver: development and response to maternal drug use Medical Research Council 2014 - 2017 £206,756 

Fellowship: Mosquito life-history responses to vector control measures and their implications
for malaria transmission risk

AXA 2015-2017 £96,060
HallidayHaydon Molecular epidemiology of brucellosis in northern Tanzania BBSRC-DfID  2014 - 2017 £742,261
ZadoksSharpCleaveland Hazards Associated with Zoonotic enteric pathogens in Emerging Livestock meat pathways (HAZEL) BBSRC-DfID 2014 - 2017 £738,440
CleavelandKaoMatthewsSharpThomas Social, Economic and Environmental Drivers of Zoonoses in Tanzania (SEEDZ) BBSRC-DfID 2014 - 2018 £3,174,909
HallidayHaydon A One-Health approach to dissecting the diverse zoonotic causes of non-malaria febrile illness Leverhulme Royal Society Africa Award 2014 -  £174,670

Jeglinski, Matthiopoulos

Fellowship to Jeglinski: Dynamic emergence of metapopulation patterns in seabirds German Academic Exchange Service fellowship  2014 - 2016 £49,071
Capewell Genetic Determinants of Trypanotolerance in Humans Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF)-Glasgow Polyomics Facility 2014 - 2015 £21,893
OrtonJohnson Comparing the fitness and patient landscapes of HIV-1 ISSF-Glasgow Polyomics Facility 2014 - £10,656 
Baldini Analysis of the ecological and genetic bases of mosquito fitness in two major malaria vectors ISSF-Glasgow Polyomics Facility 2014 -  £17,309
Hampson, Brunker  Tracing transmission pathways of endemic canine rabies ISSF-Glasgow Polyomics Facility 2014 - £25,701
Hopcraft Can tail hair inform us about an animal's history? Recreating a physiological diary of migrating Serengeti wildebeest through time British Ecological Society 2014 - £19,670
Millins, Biek Quantifying multiple strain infections for a tick-borne pathogen using next-generation sequencing ISSF-Glasgow Polyomics Facility 2014 £45,640
FergusonHaydon Environmental and genetic basis of malaria transmitting behaviours in Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes National Institute of Health [Renewal, yr 4] 2014  £73,040
MacLeod Developing biodiversity indicators of value and ecosystem health for regenerating tropical forest Crees Foundation 2014 - 2018 £40,600
MacLeod Amazon Research Programme: Leveraging the value of conservation research (ARP) T&J Meyer Family Foundation 2014 £29,800


The influence of selective breeding on MHC diversity BBSRC 2014 - 2017 £441,301
ShielsKao, Weir Control of tick borne disease: molecular epidemiology, host resistance and novel vaccine antigens BBSRC 2014 - 2017 £410,340
Helm, Dominoni Wildclocks: New directions for studying circadian biology in the wild European Commission 2014 - 2017 £78,398


Hsp90 as a modulator of pathogenicity, virulence and transmission in Theileria and Babesia BBSRC  2014 - 2017  £363,995
Streicker Managing viral emergence at the interface of bats and livestock Wellcome Trust  2014 - 2019 £951,385
Noguera Long-term effects of early life nutritional modulation of ageing AXA Research Fund 2014 -2016 £102,486
Devaney Illuminating the darkness: exploiting IVIS imaging technology  Gates Foundation  2014 - 2015  £31,322 
Elmer Colouration biodiversity within and across environments: an example from the adaptive radiation of fire salamanders Royal Society 2014 £14,763
Baldini Fellowship: The role of insulin cascades in regulating the host-species dependent fitness and parasite transmission ability of malaria mosquitoes EMBO 2014 - 2015 £33,361  
Nager Integrating Macroecology and Modelling to Elucidate Regulation of Services from Ecosystems - IMMERSE NERC 2014 - 2018 £49,867
KaoBiek, Herzyk Joint estimation of epidemiological and genetic processes for Mycobacterium bovis transmission dynamics in cattle and badgers BBSRC 2014 - 2017 £773,448
Eckersall  Sparking impact award: Diagnostic assays for Pancreas Disease of Atlantic Salmon  BBSRC  2014 - 2015  £16,125 
MableBuckley Omics of adaptation to changing/novel environments in plants GU Polyomics - Catalyst Fund  2014 £24,500

2013 funding


Page  Begonia genomics and niche diversity (Studentship) ML MacIntyre Begonia Res Schol Trust  2013 - 2016  £53,408
Evans Does Music reduce stress in dogs maintained at an SSPCA centre  Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  2013 - 2014  £15,350 
Parsons  Anticipating the Potential for High Conservation Value Fishes to Respond to Climate Change  Scottish Natural Heritage  2013 - 2016  £21,000
McCafferty International Marine Conservation Congress (IMMC) 2014  Society for Conservation Biology  2013 - 2014 £31,235 
Elliott, Bailey The importance of coastal environments for the resilience of gadoid fish populations Marine Science Scotland 2013   £10,000
Bailey Inshore Fish Monitoring Project (IFMP) Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust 2013 - 2014 £14,167
Jonsson A transcriptomic and metagenomic assessment of comparative rument function in cattle and sheep AB Vista Headquarters 2013 - 2015 £10,000 
Nager Using great skua eggs to monitor the changing environment  Faroese Research Council 2013 - 2014  £62,141
Selman Effects of Inorganic Nitrite on cardiac and skeletal muscle: Physiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutic Potential BBSRC 2013 £23,564
Lindstrom Molecular epidemiology of Clostridium difficile in Scotland - developing novel, clinically applicable research methods to combine genomic analysis with health informatics Scottish Government Health Directorates 2013 - 2015 £65,252
Evans, Bellingham Vaginal Quinagolide Delivery Ferring Pharmaceuticals Limited 2013 £32,653
Kao Centre of Expertise on Reducing the Impact of Animal Disease Outbreaks UGW/851/11 Scottish Government 2013 - 2014 £378,331
Metcalfe, Selman, Hartley METAPHEN: The ecology of metabolic phenotypes: from cells to populations  European Research Council  2013 - 2018 £1,730,000 
Haydon, Lembo, Reeve Assessing the impact of foot-and-mouth disease control programs BBSRC India Partnering Award 2013 - 2017 £24,000
Metcalfe, Monaghan, Shiels Environmental effects on growth: consequences for parents and offspring NERC 2013 - 2016  £412,800
Bailey How has gadoid biomass in the Clyde Sea been sustained? (Studentship) Marine Science Scotland 2013 - 2016  £60,000
Bain Cute-Egg, improvement of eggshell cuticle quality to reduce vertical transmission of zoonotic and pathogenic organisms BBSRC 2013 - 2016 £128,700
Monaghan Interdisciplinary Network on Telomere Biology Leverhulme 2013 - 2016  £98,000
Monaghan, Metcalfe, Shiels Why is fast growth costly, and what are the consequences for offspring viability?  NERC 2013 - 2016  £412,900
Selman Effects of inorganic nitrite on cardiac and skeletal muscle: physiology, pharmacology and therapeutic potential Medical Research Council 2013 - 2016  £24,000
Bailey Role of coastal habitats in juvenile fish ecology Marine Scotland 2013 - 2015  £20,000
Bailey Marine Scotland Science funding for Sophie Elliot Scottish Government 2013 - 2015  £20,000
Elmer GEN ECOL ADAPT: Adaptation genomics of trophic polymorphism European Commission 2013 - 2015  £76,900
Elmer The role of gene expression in phenotypic plasticity and adaptive divergence (ISSF Catalyst) Wellcome Trust 2013 - 2015  £15,800
Evans, Robinson Effects of GnRH blockade on neurocognitive and physiological endpoints BBSRC 2013 - 2015  £559,000
Viana Newton International Fellowship Royal Society 2013 - 2015 £91,500
McKeegan Thermography as a tool for the assessment of stress and affective states in an avian model Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council 2013 - 2015 £364,700
Reeve SULSA LEADERS scheme award Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance 2013 - 2015 £33,979
Babayan Wild Immunomics: characterising protective immunity to helminth infection by integrating transcriptomes and metabolomes of wild rodents GU Polyomics - Catalyst Fund 2013 - 2014 £24,800
Bailey Testing the size selectivity and bycatch of creels Scottish Creel Fishermen's Association 2013 - 2014 £20,000
Bellingham Prenatal programming of adult disease by maternal smoking: the adrenal gland as a key player? GU Polyomics - Catalyst Fund 2013 - 2014 £18,200
Biek Detecting population trends for tick-borne pathogens from genomic data: new tools for managing Lyme disease in Scotland GU Polyomics - Catalyst Fund 2013 - 2014 £14,900
Halliday, Allan, Cleaveland, Zadoks, Mudaliar The Urine Microbiome of Livestock and Wildlife as Source of Zoonotic Bacteria in Tanzania GU Polyomics - Catalyst Fund 2013 - 2014 £24,800
Helm Gene expression and metabolomic phenotype in response to artificial light at night Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) 2013 - 2014 £14,700
Hopcraft Novel approaches to recreating animal histories: the metabolic signature of hair Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) 2013 - 2014 £18,700
Kao, Biek Phylodynamics of Mycobacterium bovis in badgers GU Polyomics - Catalyst Fund 2013 - 2014 £15,300
Matthews Scottish Partnership for Animal Science Excellence Rural and Environment Research and Analysis Directorate 2013 - 2014 £386,900
Parsons Testing the genomic and phenotypic basis of adaptive divergence in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) Royal Society 2013 - 2014 £14,800
Zadoks Make Mine Metagenomics: International collaboration to explore the milk microbiome in dairy cattle GU Polyomics - Catalyst Fund 2013 - 2014 £24,800
Bailey FSBI Annual Symposium University of Glasgow 2013 £15,000
Cleaveland Creating a "one medicine" paradigm shift in human rabies prevention through dog rabies control and eventual elimination World Health Organization 2013 £10,000
Selman Dissecting the mechanisms underlying lifespan extension in insulin signalling mutant mice BBSRC 2013 £16,000

2012 funding


Ferguson Defining the biomedical, environmental and social risk factors for human infection with Plasmodium knowlesi Medical Research Council 2012 - 2017 £306,500
Killen The Influence of Individual Physiology on Group Behaviour in Fish Schools Natural Environment Research Council 2012 - 2017 £532,700
Reeve Building models to address current problems in FMDV Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council 2012 - 2017 £216,000
Kao Centre for Integrated Virology Medical Research Council 2012 - 2016 £384,600
Matthews Ecological and socioeconomic factors impacting maintenance and dissemination of antibiotic resistance in the Greater Serengeti Ecosystem Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council 2012 - 2016 £481,600
Adams Reviewing the impact of aquacultre on wild fish Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) 2012 - 2015 £11,892
Haydon Epi-SEQ - molecular epidemiology of epizootic diseases using next generation sequencing technology BBSRC 2012 - 2015 £314,168
MacLeod A Studentship Wellcome Trust 2012 - 2015 £110,500
Monaghan Early life adversity, telomere length and adult cognition: the starling as an experimental model BBSRC 2012 - 2015 £92,000
Murphy Potential Native Plant Phytoremediators for Restoration of Petroleum Hydrocrabon Polluted Soils in Kuwait Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences 2012 - 2015 £15,400
Nager Changes in resource utilisation in declining gull populations NERC 2012 - 2015 £17,800
O'Shaughnessy Integrating systems biology and transgenic technologies to unlock the secrets of Sertoli cell development and function Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council 2012 - 2015 £155,700
Parsons Using a sequenced-based genetic map to assess genome-wide genetic variation between ecomorphs of Scottish Arctic charr Wellcome Trust 2012 - 2015 £15,200
Kao A study to design risk-based surveillance regimes in England and Wales SE3285 Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 2012 - 2014 £290,800
Lindstrom Variation in the human pharyngeal microbiome in health and disease (ISSF Catalyst Funding) Wellcome Trust 2012 - 2014 £20,300
Monaghan, Metcalfe, Noguera EVOTELOX Nutrition and reproductive strategies: the influence of oxidative stress on telomere dynamics and life history plasticity European Commission 2012 - 2014 £154,000
Evans, Robinson, Matthews Scottish Partnership for Animal Science Excellence RERAD 2012 - 2013 £361,400
Ferguson, Haydon Environmental and genetic basis of malaria-transmitting behaviours in Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes National Institute of Health 2012 - 2013 £68,000
Hampson RAPIDD Working Group Courtesy Associates 2012 - 2013 £12,800
Kao An integrated approach to modelling the persistence, spread and control of livestock diseases in the UK Wellcome Trust 2012 - 2013 £137,500
Kao Centre of Expertise on Reducing the Impact of Animal Disease Outbreaks UGW/851/11 Scottish Government 2012 - 2013 £481,300
Matthews Strategic Partnership for Animal Science Excellence (SPASE) Scottish Government 2012 - 2013 £151,000
Kao Standstills modelling project DEFRA 2012 £30,000
Evans, Hastie Sheep to model human vaginal drug treatments Controlled Therapeutics (Scotland) Limited 2012 £32,200
Mable Population Genetics Group University of Glasgow 2012 £25,700
Reeve The mathematics of biodiversity BBSRC 2012 £10,200

2011 funding


Cleaveland, Allan Leptospirosis in Tanzania; a study of the role of rodents in an emerging public health problem Wellcome Trust 2011 - 2017 £465,947
Lembo, Hampson Communities Against Rabies Exposure (CARE) UBS-Optima 2011 - 2016 £94,100
Monaghan The ecological significance of telomere dynamics: environments, individuals and inheritance European Research Council 2011 - 2016 £1,761,515
MacLeod A The origins and mechanisms of human infectivity in African trypanosomes Wellcome Trust 2011 - 2016 £1,645,051
Hampson, Cleaveland, Lembo, Quince, Biek Hierarchical epidemiology: the spread and persistence of infectious diseases in complex landscapes Wellcome Trust 2011 - 2016 £807,908
Ferguson AvecNet - African Vector Control: New tools European Commission 2011 - 2016 £445,830
MacLeod R Assessing the value of regenerating tropical forest for biodiversity and conservation Crees Foundation 2011 - 2015 £38,997
Matthews, Stear A systems biology approach to controlling nematode infections of livestock European Commission 2011 - 2015 £651,861
Bailey Marine Science in support of Scottish Government Climate Centre of Expertise The Scottish Government 2011 -2015 £152,400
Adams, Bailey, Nager, Metcalfe Integrated Aquatic Resources Management between Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland (IBIS) European Commission 2011 - 2015 £1,694,721
Bailey Evaluating the abundance of abyssal megafauna using an autonomous imaging platform NERC 2011 - 2014 £73,000
Cleaveland, Haydon, Sharp, Halliday Impact, ecology and social determinants of bacterial zoonoses in northern Tanzania BBSRC 2011 - 2014 £427,430
Ferguson Studentship on Ecological determinants of African malaria vector behaviour and their implications for control European Commission 2011 - 2014 £68,425
Furness, Grecian Using stable isotopes to assess climate-change impacts on migrations of prions (Aves: Procellariiformes) Natural Environment Research Council 2011 - 2014 £288,307
Haydon, Orton Beyond the consensus dissecting viral sequence diversity within samples BBSRC 2011 - 2014 £282,855
Mable Assessing the impact of plant mating system and ploidy on adaptation to parasitism in changing environments NERC 2011 - 2014 £392,000
Matthews Modelling microbial resistance  Danish Research Council 2011 - 2014 £24,246
Matthews Why some hosts have high parasite burdens and the implications for the design of sustainable control strategies Wellcome Trust 2011 - 2014 £172,523
Metcalfe Does maternal life history strategy influence optimal management regimes for wild salmon? Natural Environment Research Council 2011 - 2014 £357,448
Nager Ecotoxicology of great skuas in the Northeast Atlantic Statoil ASA 2011 - 2014 £45,269
Reeve, Haydon Improving the quality of FMD (Foot-and-mouth disease) vaccines by understanding the correlation of vaccine-induced protection with humoral and cellular immune responses BBSRC 2011 - 2014 £92,938
Furness The influence of puffins and skuas on island grazing habitat SNTS 2011 - 2013 £12,000
McKeegan Development of an on farm anoxic gas foam delivery system Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 2011 - 2013 £52,270
Ferguson Environmental and genetic basis of malaria transmitting behaviours in Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes National Institute of Health 2011 - 2012 £63,576
Furness PhD Studentship Funding from Tromso University NINA 2011 - 2012 £11,286
Kao, Matthews Centre of Expertise on Reducing the Impact of Animal Disease Outbreaks UGW/851/11 Scottish Government 2011 - 2012 £221,346

2010 funding


Biek Phylogeography and spatial dynamics of epidemic rabies National Institute of Health 2010 - 2015 £75,000
MacLeod R Can we predict impacts of environmental change on biodiversity from knowledge of behavioural decisions? Royal Society of Edinburgh 2010 - 2015 £459,000
Cleaveland, Haydon, Reeve, Lembo Towards the strategic control of endemic foot-and-mouth disease BBSRC 2010 - 2014 £629,113
Haydon, Cleaveland, Kao, Hampson, Townsend Understanding how a complex intervention works: designing large- scale vaccination programs MRC 2010 - 2014 £609,122
Adams Conservation Actions for Powan Coregonus lavaretus continuation Scottish & Southern Energy Plc 2010 - 2013 £17,460
Cleaveland Development of a vaccination strategy for the control of malignant catarrhal fever BBSRC 2010 - 2013 £175,000
Mable Development of Best Practice Model Doctoral Schools for Structured PhD Programme Implementation in Ukraine and Georgia European Commission 2010 - 2013 £23,600
Meadows A, Meadows P Disaster rehabilitation Scottish Executive 2010 - 2013 £47,000
McKeegan On farm culling methods for poultry: welfare costs and benefits DEFRA 2010 - 2013 £38,000
Kao Development of Epidemiological Models for the Spread and Control of Bluetongue and African Horse Sickness (DEFRA SE4209) DEFRA 2010 - 2012 £277,000
Kao Risk Based Surveillance for Tuberculosis in Cattle (bTB) Scottish Government 2010 - 2012 £96,000
Monaghan Early warnings of climate change on ecosystems: hormonally mediated life-history decisions in sea birds Centre for Ecology and Hydrology 2010 - 2012 £31,307

2006-2009 funding


Ferguson INFRAVEC European Commission - FP7 2009 - 2013 £79,000
Adams Scottish Natural Heritage Studentship: Effective population size of the Loch Lomond Dwarf Lamprey Population Scottish Natural Heritage 2009 - 2012 £65,000
Costantini Hormetic effects on oxidative stress response in zebra finches NERC 2009 - 2012 £298,000
Hampson Road-testing innovative surveillance technologies for rabies UBS Optimus Foundation 2009 -2012 £487,500
Hampson The burden of rabies in rural Tanzania and impacts on local communities Wellcome Trust 2009 - 2012 £76,159
Killen Causes and consequences of the trade-off between compensatory growth and swim performance in teleost fish NERC 2009 - 2012 £280,000
McKeegan Maximising Value of Extra-Mural Study Placements on Cattle, Sheep and Horse Units BVA-AWF 2009 - 2012 £90,000
Monaghan Growing up and growing old: telomere dynamics across life history stages Leverhulme Trust 2009 - 2012 £243,000
Murphy Building the science base for development of a biomonitoring scheme to assess river water quality in tropical southern Africa SAFRASS Europeaid 2009 - 2012 £204,000
Haydon, Reeve Foot and mouth disease - DISCONVAC European Commission - FP7 2009 - 2011 £58,000
Matthews The effect of selection for nematode resistance on mhc class II diversity BBSRC 2009 - 2001 £330,000
Kao An integrated approach to modelling the persistence, spread and control of livestock diseases in the UK Wellcome Trust 2007 - 2012 £760,000
Ferguson A systems biology approach to infectious disease transmission - linking individuals, populations and ecosystems BBSRC 2006 - 2012 £671,000