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Antony Hinchliffe

PhD Student, NERC Argon Isotope Facility

Telephone:  01355 270140


About Me

I am a PhD candidate undertaking a project entitled “The temporal and geochemical dissection of recent (<50ka) volcanism in the Campania Plain: Campi Flegrei and Vesuvius”. My supervisors are Dr. Darren Mark (SUERC), Prof. Rob Ellam (SUERC) and Dr. Victoria Smith (Oxford).

The project entails the construction of detailed stratigraphy for recent volcanic deposits in the Campi Flegrei region using field data, high-precision 40Ar/39Ar geochronology and elemental and isotope geochemistry. Establishment of an accurate chronology will allow for assessment of magma recharge through time and will provide key ages for tephrochronological matrices (e.g., NERC RESET), as well as providing an eruptive history allowing assessment of the frequency and timing of recent volcanic eruptions in the Naples area.


Research Interests

  • 40Ar/39Ar dating of recent (<60 ka) volcanic deposits, with particular reference to the Campi Flegrei region of southern Italy.
  • High precision geochronology during the Quaternary period using volcanic ash layers (tephrochronology, utilizing the vitreous glass component of ash layers primarily) as key marker horizons. Allowing the assessment of rapid environmental changes, asynchronous regional responses to forcing agents, and to inform hazard probability models.
  • The construction and revision of a coherent geochemical database for volcanic deposits, for correlation between proximal and medial to distal volcanic deposits.
  • Investigation of magmatic processes, and the evolution of magmatic systems through time.