Application procedure and selection timetable

Application procedure and selection timetable

Application Procedure

Applicants must apply online and submit the necessary supporting documentation with the online application.

The deadline for applicants applying for Category A scholarships or Category B scholarships for 2014-2016 is 12 December 2013.

The deadline for self-funding international (non-EU), UK and other EU applicants for 2013-2015 is 18 July 2014.

Selection Timetable

September 2013 Online application form becomes available
12 December 2013 Deadline for ALL scholarship applicants
End February 2013 The Consortium submits its 2014 scholarship/fellowship candidates proposal to the Agency
End March/Early April The applicants who are not selected for scholarships receive notification by email
Early/Mid May The scholarship applicants on the main list and reserve list receive the final results of their applications in late April /early May after the Consortium has received the final approval on selection from the European Commission.
Mid/End July 2014 (tbc) Deadline for international (non-EU), UK and other EU self-funding applications

Eligibility check

All applications are subject to an eligibility check which covers all aspects of the application: respect of the application deadline, completeness of the application file, eligibility of the candidate in relation to the Erasmus Mundus criteria (nationality, 12-month rule, etc). Applicants who fail to provide necessary documentation by the appropriate deadline will be excluded from the application procedure and will be informed of the specific reason for ineligibility.

Selection Criteria

The IMRCEES Consortium Selection Committee assesses each application according to the following criteria:

  • Academic merit (e.g. relevance and level of academic qualifications) - 30%
  • IMRCEES Supporting Personal Statement - 40%
  • Quality of (academic) references - 15%
  • Other (e.g. relevant research/professional experiences/interests) - 15%



When a main list scholarhip student withdraws, he/she is replaced by the first eligible candidate on the reserve list. In this particular case, the eligibility criterion concerns the nationality of the reserve list candidate and the rule concerning the presence of a maximum of two nationals from the same country among the scholarship holders for a given category. If there are already two other students with the same nationality on the main list, the consortium will have to take the next eligible candidate respecting its own ranking list (European Commission's regulations).

Appeal procedure for candidates who fail to secure a scholarship

All candidates will be notified of the decision of the Scholarship Selection Committee by email only in early March. Candidates who do not secure a scholarship and who wish to appeal the decision of the Scholarship Selection Committee must do so in writing by email within 2 weeks (14 days) from the point of notification by the IMRCEES Consortium of their failure to win a scholarship. The email should be addressed to the IMRCEES Consortium at the following address: . The email subject heading should contain the words "IMRCEES Scholarship Appeal". The reasons for the appeal must be clearly stated in the email. Note: A candidate may appeal ONLY on the grounds of defective or unfair procedure by the IMRCEES Scholarship Selection Committee.



(Last updated on 27 June 2013)