Dr Neil D. L. Clark

Department: Hunterian Museum

Specialist subjects:
Dinosaurs, Fossils, Earth Science Education in Scotland, Scottish Geology Festival, Bearsden Shark and associated fossils, conodonts, Jurassic of Skye, Carboniferous fossils, Lesmahagow Fossils, History of Geology at the Hunterian Museum, dinosaur footprints

Biographical details:
Brought up in Switzerland, graduating with an International Baccalaureate in 1979. Undergraduate in Geology at Edinburgh University graduating 1984. PhD in palaeontology of the Carboniferous shales at Bearsden at Univ. of Glasgow. Worked in interactive science until 1990 when appointed to University of Glasgow as Curator of Palaeontology at the Hunterian Museum. On committees relating to Earth Science Education in Scotland, the Scottish Geology Festival and Geological Society of Glasgow. Written several books on dinosaurs,  a book entitled "Amber: tears of the gods" and many papers on Scottish Geology.

University contact information:
phone: 0141 330 3599
email: Neil.Clark@glasgow.ac.uk
web: http://www.hmag.gla.ac.uk/Neil

Home contact information:
email: neildlclark@aol.com