See your year in a new perspective

See your year in a new perspective

Issued: Wed, 11 Jan 2017 13:44:00 GMT

The University's Diversity Calendar for 2017 has just been launched online with some wall planner versions available too. 

The calendar is a useful guide to the year ahead, listing key University dates as well as special days including national and international celebrations and commemorations, and also marking days that have special significance for faiths and beliefs.

In a message commending the calendar to students and members of staff, the Principal, Professor Anton Muscatelli, said; "Our University is full of inspiring people, sharing the common aims of inspiring others and changing the world for the better; it brings together the best staff and students from many varied and diverse backgrounds, providing an education allowing them to go out into the world and effect that positive change.

"By promoting respect and understanding between people of all backgrounds, we hope we can inspire people to create a world based on the principles of dignity, fairness, equality and respect."

The Principal is also Chair of the Equality and Diversity Strategy Committee. The calendar, the second to be commissioned by the UofG, was created by the Equality and Diversity Unit working closely with staff and students, including the multi-faith Chaplaincy, Students’ Representative Council and University of Glasgow Sport, among many others. 

The Equality and Diversity Unit hope to provide a limited number of printed wall planner versions, and if you would like to request one, or request further information on the Diversity Calendar or any aspect of the University’s Equality and Diversity work, please contact the Equality and Diversity Unit: or click on the image:

Image of the front cover of the Diversity Calendar 2017