Council tax FAQs

Council tax FAQs

Will I be exempt from paying Council Tax?
Council Tax is set by, and is payable to, local councils for local services and water.  Full-time students are generally exempt from paying Council Tax if they are living with other students.  University Halls of Residence are exempt from Council Tax, which means that students who live there will not have to prove their student status.  However, those in private accommodation will have to provide the Council Tax office with proof of their full-time student status and would do so by requesting an exemption form from the Council Tax office and having this authorised by the university before submitting it.  Full details on how to request an exemption can be found on the Current Students website.

Students in the writing up period of their course will be exempt from paying Council Tax if they can provide evidence from the University that they are studying for more than 21 hours per week and for a period of more than 24 weeks.

For Erasmus students who do not fulfil the full-time student criteria of 21 hours over 24 weeks whilst they are in the UK, but will continue with their course of studies on return to their own university, a letter from that institution will have to be provided confirming the course undertaken is full-time and include the number of hours attended per week and the number of weeks, course qualification, course programme and duration of course. Confirmation is also required that the institution has permitted the student to undertake a course of study as part of their course in the UK and provide the exact period of attendance at the UK establishment.

For non-graduating students who are registered at Glasgow University and meet the full-time student criteria of 21 hours over 24 weeks, a letter is required from this university to confirm the student is attending a period of non-graduating study which is linked or affiliated to their course abroad. Details of course programme, course qualification, hours and weeks attended and the exact period of attendance at the UK and EU establishment must be provided.

Is my partner liable to pay Council tax?
If an international student is living with their partner, who is not a British citizen, and is prevented by the terms of their Leave to Enter or Remain from taking paid employment or having recourse to public funds, the partner, as a student dependent, will also be exempt from paying Council Tax.  If you are accompanied by your partner you should provide both confirmation of your student status as well as showing the Council Tax office the visa page in your partner's passport.  We would advise taking this in person to the local Council Tax Office.  There is further information on Dependants' eligibility for exemption is given in the Council Tax FAQ document.

If the partner of a student is an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen and is therefore not prevented by immigration conditions from taking employment or having recourse to public funds, they are not exempt from paying Council Tax.