Classes at Glasgow

Classes at Glasgow

Information on all classes can be found in our course catalogue.

All students must be registered as full time and will take classes worth 60 SCOTCAT credits per semester.  On average students will take three or four classes per semester. 

Students are permitted to take undergraduate classes throught the Study Abroad and Exchange programme.  Postgraduate level classes are not avaliable. 

In the application students will select a College to join.  This should be based on your Major or where you would like to take the majority of your classes at Glasgow.  Selecting a College does not mean that you cannot take classes in other Colleges.  Student can select classes from throughout the University.  The Study Abroad Office will review Colleges that have been selected by students and will change them if required – this will not affect the classes students wish to take.

Students are advised to think carefully about their class choices when making their application as if the student is eligible for the classes he/she would like to take they will be registered.   Class choices must be submitted within the application and classes submitted after the application has been submitted will not be accepted.  We cannot guarantee that students will gain entry into classes that are not submitted with the application on arrival in Glasgow.

Level 1 and 2 classes are lower level classes that require no/little previous experience.  Level 3 and 4 classes are upper level classes that require at least two years background experience in the subject area that will be studied at Glasgow.  Often student must have a Major in the subject area to be admitted to level 3 and 4.  Students with no previous experience in a subject area will not be admitted to level 3 and 4. 

Once applications are received transcripts will be reviewed to ensure that students have the correct pre-requisites to take the classes they wish.  All applications are reviewed on an individual basis and students should not look at the pre-requisites on the course catalogue.  These apply to degree-seeking students.

Classes will not be finalised until students arrive in Glasgow.  The University retains the right to withdraw classes.

For further information please contact Rhona Gordon.


PLEASE NOTE:  The subject areas of COMPUTING SCIENCES, MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS do not permit students staying for semester 1 only to take classes in these subjects in semester 1 only (ie September - December).  This is because assessment for these classes falls in May/June of the following year.  This will not change.  Therefore we advise semester 1 students NOT to select any courses from these disciplines on their application form as their choices will not be permitted.

Classes in Medicine or Dentistry are not avaliable through the Study Abroad and Exchange programme.



Unique courses

Unique courses

As a visiting student at the University of Glasgow, you will have many opportunities to study exciting new courses open to all University of Glasgow students. 

In addition to this you will also have access to a wider range of exciting new and unique courses of study, designed especially for visiting students to the University.  These classes are:


Note: Students can select either one/two classes from the Glasgow School of Art OR the Bagpiping class offered by the National Piping Centre.  It is not possible to take an Art class AND the Bagpiping class in the same semester.  As these classes are taught by external institutions any exchange students wishing to take Art or Bagpiping will be liable to pay a fee.  For further information please contact