As a visiting student, you will have many opportunities to study the range of courses open to all University of Glasgow students. You can view the list of classes in the undergraduate course catalogue

One of the unique features of the Study Abroad and Exchange programme at the University is the flexibility of combining classes from across all four Colleges (dependent upon pre-requisites being met and timetabling issues). 

Unique courses for Study Abroad Programme students

In addition to the course catalogue selection, Study Abroad Programme students** will also have access to unique courses of study, designed especially for visiting students to the University. These classes are: 

‌Note: You can select either one/two classes from the Glasgow School of Art or the Bagpiping class offered by the National Piping Centre. Unfortunately, it's not possible to take an Art class and the Bagpiping class in the same semester. 

* Art or Bagpiping classes are taught by external institutions so any exchange students will be liable to pay an additional fee.  

** These courses are specifically for Study Abroad Programme students. If there are spaces available, then students on other incoming exchanges may be able to take the courses for an additional fee.

For further information please contact ‌