Frequently asked questions

How do I apply?

Please see How do I apply section.

Do I (really) need English Language Certification with my Erasmus application?

Yes. *All* Erasmus applicants are required, as part of their application, to provide confirmation that they are proficient in English to a minimum CEFR B2 level.

Where can I find visa information?

For students who are not EEA or Swiss nationals, you may need to apply for a visa to study in the UK. The Immigration & Visas section of the University's website includes helpful information and links.

I have submitted my application, when should I hear my decision?

We will notify you by e-mail once your application has been reviewed; you are not accepted until you receive an e-mail confirming this from us. Application decisions should normally be made within 6 weeks of applying.

Applications that are not complete or do not provide all the required documents will be delayed.

I have been accepted for Erasmus at the University of Glasgow, when should I arrive?

Orientation and Arrival for full year and semester 1 Erasmus and other International students will take place in the week commencing 8 September 2014.

Please see the Orientation & arrival page for further information and updates on the Orientation programme.

All Erasmus students are expected to attend the Orientation programme which provides important information and is an excellent introduction to the university and to Glasgow.

During this period you will enrol in classes and, as needed, have contact with the relevant subject co-ordinator(s) and academic adviser. Upon registration you will be allocated an email address. Upon arrival in Glasgow you will be able to use our computing facilities and internet access. However, until you have fully registered and obtained your student card, you will not have access to the library or sports facilities.

When is orientation? When do classes start? When are exams over? When are vacations?

Please see the University of Glasgow academic calendar for links to session dates.

 **Note: Orientation for semester 1 and full year international students, including Erasmus students, typically starts 1 week before the start of the academic year/orientation listed in the calendar. For students starting semester 2, we offer a shorter Orientation programme which typically begins the Wednesday before the start of the semester 2 teaching period.**

For 2014/15:

  • Semester 1/Full Year Orientation: Monday, 8 September 2014
  • Semester 1 Teaching begins Monday 22 September. You must arrive by this date.
  • Semester 2 Orientation: Wednesday 7 January 2015 (provisional)
  • Semester 2 Teaching begins Monday 12 January. You must arrive by this date.

How many credits should I take?

  • One full-time, full academic year is 120 Glasgow credits which is worth 60 ECTS.
  • A full-time semester is 60 Glasgow credits or 30 ECTS.

Glasgow credits: ECTS is 2:1.
For example, a course with 20 credits at University of Glasgow is equal to 10 ECTS.

Students must be enrolled in a full-time course-load at Glasgow in order to have full-time student status at the university. This is normally 60 ECTS credits in one year.

What courses can I choose? Can I take classes outside the subject of the Bilateral Agreement between our universities?

You are expected to take the majority of your courses from within the subject area of the Erasmus Bilateral Agreement which we have signed with your institution (i.e., where that agreement is held here at the University of Glasgow). See our online searchable course catalogue or the subject area's own website for course listings. All course proposals are submitted to the relevant subject co-ordinator for review and approval. You can request to take a minority of your credits in other subject areas. Approval for all courses is dependent on subject specific restrictions, course availability and your academic background.

Please also see our Erasmus Incoming Course Selection Guidelines 2014-15for specific Erasmus restrictions

Do you offer English as a Foreign Language courses?

Our language centre offers a number of in-session options. For fees and programme information please see the English as a Foreign Language website of our Language Centre. Please note that credit bearing English courses are normally for International (Non-Erasmus) exchange students and Erasmus students normally do not meet the entry requirements.

Can I do project work at the University of Glasgow?

Project work depends on the subject of the agreement and whether the department here can accommodate it.

Project work must be requested at the time of application. It is not possible to facilitate project work after arrival in Glasgow.

If you wish to do project work, then you must contact the department directly to find a supervisor for your project. Please indicate this on your Learning Agreement when you apply and name a prospective supervisor for your time at Glasgow. The supervisor should be based *within* the core University school/department.

Students who wish to do project work at affiliated centres or institutions will need to communicate directly with the centre, and will *not* be registered or enrolled as a student at the University of Glasgow but rather would come under the Eramsus+ traineeship programme.

Can I take courses at both Dumfries and the main campus?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The Dumfries campus (shown by courses starting with DUMF) is over 2 hours away. It is not possible to mix course selection.

Can I take level 5 courses? But I am a postgraduate student - why am I labelled as an undergraduate?

In most cases, no. Most subjects do not allow students into level 5 (postgraduate) courses. This is true whether you are a postgraduate at your home university or not. Both for administrative purposes and because the University of Glasgow have 4 year undergraduate degree programme, visiting Erasmus students are entered as undergraduates. Students who are postgraduates at their home university typically select from upper-level undergraduate courses (levels 3 & 4).

Can I get a University of Glasgow degree?

No. As an Erasmus student, you are a visiting student. You have not been accepted to a degree programme and will not receive a University of Glasgow degree. There is only 1 very specific exception to this (selected students from the University of Glasgow/University of Bologna Double Degree programme in Statistics).

Can I extend my stay in Glasgow?

No. Unfortunately, even if you decide you like Glasgow once you are here and want to stay longer, we will be unable to extend your studies here. It is therefore vital that you think carefully about the period of time you want to spend here, and enter the correct details on your application form.

Do I have to take exams?

You have to participate fully in your courses; this means writing essays, taking exams. If in special circumstances you are not able to take part in the exams you should notify your adviser of studies as early as possible.

When will I get a transcript of records?

Registry will automatically send a transcript of records to your home address after you have finished your period of study at the University of Glasgow and all your exam results are recorded. It is therefore very important you check your record towards the end of your studies here to ensure all your courses are correct and that your home address and home e-mail address are complete and correct.

What is it like to live in Glasgow?

Find out more about Student Life in Glasgow.

What is the cost of living in Glasgow?

We have provided estimates on costs in the International student handbook

Will I get accommodation at the University?

Once accepted, you may apply for a place in university residences. Please note that availability is very limited for Erasmus students and normally is only available to full year applicants. If you are coming for a single semester only, it is unlikely you will be allocated a place. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will get university accommodation. Accommodation is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If you do not get university accommodation, our accommodation office can give you some advice on how to go about finding private housing. You can also find helpful information and postings through the SRC's 'Accommodation: Finding it' page.

What is Council Tax and will I have to pay it? What other costs should I consider?

For information about Council Tax, see the detailed explanation Student Services links to council tax forms. Visiting students not staying in University accommodations may be required to pay Council Tax. For further help with budget questions, see also the International Student Support site, 'Living in Glasgow - How Much Does It Cost?' While individual situations are, of course, different, this will give you a good approximate idea of the cost of living in Glasgow.Prospective students

Can I open a bank account in Glasgow?

Yes. The bank will ask you for a letter proving you are a student of Glasgow University, the request for the bank letter can be completed online: bank letter request form.

However, if you are staying in Glasgow less than six months it is unlikely you will be able to open a bank account here. We advise you to bring a credit card. See more banking information here, including a comparison chart of area banks and other information.