Groundings is an undergraduate peer-reviewed journal in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. It is published annually on a cross-disciplinary theme, both in print and online, and was founded in 2007 by Glasgow University Dialectic Society.

The journal is entirely student-run, and offers a venue for undergraduates to publish their work, as well as the opportunity to be involved in the process of editing and producing an academic journal. You can keep up with all our news and events on Facebook.

UPDATE: Volume 8 Call for Submissions Extended

Please note: the deadline for submissions has been extended to 11:59pm on the 13th February 2015. We are looking for submissions for Groundings Volume 8 on the theme of ‘Constructs, Myths and the Ideal.’

The theme is intended to appeal across a broad range of subject areas, including music, languages, classics, economics, literature, history, philosophy, politics, sociology, psychology, law, and many more. It can be widely interpreted, and will mean different things depending on the subject area. Submissions can be based on all or part of the theme.

Constructs’ could refer to any legal, political, philosophical, sociological, linguistic, psychological, religious or cultural concept that has emerged over time. Submissions could encompass issues such as the reasons why constructs emerge, the ways in which they adapt to different circumstances, or how they are perceived, applied or challenged. ‘Myths’ could relate specifically to traditional narrative myths of different civilisations, countries or cultures. Alternatively, it could also extend to misconceptions or misunderstandings that exist within any area of academic study. Submissions could discuss the nature of myths and their role in wider historical, political or cultural discourses, as well as their effect on societies of the past, present and future. ‘The Ideal’ could explore the nature of idealism and the ways in which different images of the Ideal have been represented, promoted or challenged.  Submissions could also discuss the ways in which the Ideal can become a reality and the difficulties of striving for perfection.

Submissions can be up to 4000 words (excluding references) and articles can be written specifically for the journal, adapted from course essays, or chapters of dissertations. Submissions will be subject to an anonymous peer-review process, with authors who reach the final stage engaging in revisions based on comments from the Editorial Board. There is also a prize of £100 for the best article.

Additionally, all authors will receive recognition on their official university transcript. The top three articles will also be published alongside the best three from Aberdeen, Edinburgh and St Andrews, in the third edition of Groundings Ancients.

The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm on 13th February 2015. Submissions should be sent in Word document format to Any queries should be directed to the same address. Copies of Groundings are available from the University of Glasgow Library, and online at