Research Hub

Research Hub

Can you imagine a world without Glasgow?  No ultrasound, no television, no antiseptic, no helium, no coma scale, no beta blockers.

Today Glasgow’s researchers are tackling grand global challenges.  Working across disciplinary boundaries, research teams are addressing wide reaching global problems such as Cancer, Chronic Disease, Infections and Immunology, Gravitational Waves, Climate Change, Social Justice, Health & Wellbeing.

artists impression of students on a piazza next to new glass fronted research hub

The Research Hub will provide the University, for the first time, with a space devoted to nurturing interdisciplinary thematic research "at scale" - crossing traditional boundaries and established ways of working.  It will be unique in providing access to researchers in all disciplines with the opportunity to escape from the silos that currently constrain such collaborations and will help us to address existing and future problems in new and imaginative ways of working.

The Research Hub will contain an ‘Innovation Accelerator’ space. This supported environment will provide high quality office and laboratory facilities for spin-out companies, entrepreneurs and the co-location of corporate research and development teams to work with wider university programmes.