District Heating Scheme

District Heating Scheme

District Heating Scheme - The movie! The multi-million pound project to equip the University’s West End campus with an environmentally-friendly District Heating Scheme was successfully completed in April 2016.

As well as heating our buildings, the new system is generating a large percentage of the electricity we use. We are now cutting our carbon emissions by 5000 tonnes annually, moving us closer to our target of a 20% reduction in our carbon footprint. In the process, we have laid the foundations for our World Changing Campus that is soon to take shape on the site of the former Western Infirmary.

During construction, we dug five and a half kilometres of trenches to carry the pipe network and installed 24 kilometres of ducting for high-voltage and IT cables.

The facility has become a learning and teaching resource, ensuring our engineering students have direct, hands-on access to the latest combined heat and power technologies. A dedicated teaching and research area was constructed beside the plant room, enabling students to view the CHP engine and other features in operation through a large window, and view real-time data on a plasma screen.

This state-of-the-art heating facility replaces the nearly fifty year old system and prepares the University for a sustainable, lower-carbon future.  The Project Map on this page will show you the scale of the new project.

If you have questions about the district heating scheme, please contact: communications@glasgow.ac.uk